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Prenatal Deep Core Pilates To Prepare For a Shorter Pushing Time (Safe Pregnancy Core Exercises)

Today we are doing a 10-Minute Pregnancy Deep Core Pilates Workout! While it is true we want to avoid some ab exercises like crunches and sit up. It is important to do safe core exercises during pregnancy.

These core exercises for pregnancy are great to add to your daily routine or several times per week to prepare your core for birth and pushing for an easier delivery. Also, keeping up with your deep inner core work will be beneficial for healing faster after birth and reducing risk of diastasis recti. These are also helpful for decreasing back pain & SI joint pain.

These are safe for all trimesters and no equipment needed!

Prenatal yoga and birth education changed my birth experience so much that now it's my passion to share. I hear hundreds of positive birth stories now and I love hearing how preparing your mind and body makes such a huge difference in your birth. Of course, I'm so excited for you and I really believe you can have your positive birth and beautiful baby!

Download our Birth Position Printable here.


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