About Us

Jessica smiling in the sun and pregnant, trees in the backround

Hi, I'm Jessica

Registered Dietitan, Certified Diabetes and Bariatric Educator, Pre & Postnatal Fitness Instructor. 

Founder, creator and host of Pregnancy & Postpartum TV YouTube Channel and P&P Health Inc.

Our Story

Jessica grew up in Sidney, BC Canda. She struggled with acne and IBS. While attending the University of Victoria she descovered the power of food to heal her health issues. During this time, in 2004, she also became a yoga teacher.

She decied to move across the country to do her Nutrition and Dietectic degree at McGill University where she continued to teach yoga at the University. 

After gradudation she move to Nigara-on-the-Lake to be with her now-husband, Jeff. 

In 2011, they got married and became pregnant. Jessica was, at first, overwhelmed with the horror stories of other woman's birth stories. However, when she started prenatal yoga with a doula, Angela Sacco, she started learning about how to create a positive natural birth expereince. Then she watched the women farther along in their pregnancies have positive and natural birth experiences. 

Jessica has now acheived 3 natural and postive births and loves to share exercises and birth education to help other moms achieve the same. 

9 months after her pregnancy, she still looked as if she was 5-months pregnant dispite losing all the baby weight and regulairly working out. She was diagnosed with a 4-finger diastasis recti gap. While the doctor said she may need sugery, she was able to work with a pelvic floor physiotherapist to heal her gap (along with the mummy pouch, back pain and leaking). She is currently doing her core exercise specialist course to help other moms heal their diastasis recti and help their core become functional again after pregnancy.

She now lives in Abbotsford, BC with her husband Jeff and 3 kids, Greyson, Vivien and Octavia.   

Our Vision

Jessica's passion is to support pregnant and postpartum mom in this most speical time of life. She loves to help pregnant moms stay fit, healthy and to prepare for their ideal birth.

As a dietitian, Jessica also supports pregnant and postpartum mom grow the healthest babies. She also works with moms with gestaitonal diabetes to manage their blood sugars.

As a bariatric educator she uses cognitive restructuring and motivational communication to support her clients reach their weight and health goals. 

Last, but not least she helps moms heal, strengthen and flatten their core after pregnancy by healing diastasis recti gap and funtional core strategies. 

Collage image of YouTube videos. Jessica doing yoga poses and ballet dancing with a child.