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Pelvic Girdle Pain/SPD FULL BODY Workout (FIX PELVIC PAIN!) Pregnancy/Postpartum

Today's workout is for those of you struggling with pelvic pain (pelvic girdle pain and pubic symphysis dysfunction (SPD). Not only can you work out without causing pelvic pain. Today's workout is designed to strengthen your stabilizing muscles to FIX pelvic pain! It's both pregnancy and postpartum safe. We are going to get a full body workout in while keeping our weight on both feet to avoid pelvic pain. We'll also do stabilizing and strengthening exercises to FIX pelvic pain in your daily life. I use optional 5 lbs dumbbells as well as a chair (or edge of a couch) and block or pillow. Also safe diastasis recti or post-c-section. I hope you feel amazing after this 22-minute pregnancy/postpartum workout!

Download our Daily Pelvic Floor Exercises Printable and Guide here!


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