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6 Tummy Time Exercises Your Baby Will LOVE (SPEED UP BABY DEVELOPMENT)

Tummy time is not just neck, shoulder muscles, but also helps to lengthen and strengthen baby’s core and hip flexors, It opens and strengthens their hands and helps develop important visual skills. motor skills. All of these to help accelerate sitting up, rolling over, crawling and walking. Some babies really struggle to enjoy tummy time, but since babies now sleep on their backs (for safety) development milestones of rolling over, sitting, crawling is sometimes delayed. Here are 6 TOP TUMMY TIME EXERCISES that your baby will LOVE so they can speed up their baby development! Ideally, tummy time starts when your baby is newborn. You can start with short bursts in the first few days (if baby is full-term and healthy). I hope you and your baby loves these 6 Tummy Exercises!

Another important things is to have your infant CPR up-to-date: Here is one that is so thorough and easy to follow.

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