Jessica doing a one leg bridge yoga pose in a room on a black yoga mat.

Pregnancy and Postpartum TV

Heal your postpartum core and pelvic floor in 30 days

Free Resources

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Diastasis Recti Healing Guide

Complete diastasis recti healing guide on how I healed my 4-finger diastasis recti gap after my pregnancy.

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Pain-free Labor Guide

Complete guide on how to reduce and cope with pain during labor. Helpful if you are hoping or planning a natural or unmedicated birth.

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Weight Loss Course

Free weight loss course on how to rewire your brain for long-term weight loss. Includes meal plans.

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Meet Jess

Jessica is the founder of Pregnancy and Postpartum YouTube Channel, a registered dietitian, certified diabetes and bariatric educator and a mother of three!

She's passionate about empowering mothers through knowledge and movement to have amazing pregnancies and positive birth experiences. She also specializes in core healing after pregnancy.


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